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Editorial | Éditorial
Yun-Cheol Kim

Special Contribution by Georges Banu

Hommage à Georges Banu en Roumanie
Georges Banu

Special Topic: Alternative Criticism?: Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook

Section Editor: Andrea Tompa

Editorial Note
Andrea Tompa

Two Cheers for the Internet
John Elsom

Re-negotiating Professional Criticism
Ott Karulin

The New Economy of Theatrical Expertise
lulia Popovici

The Theatrical Blogosphere in Russia
Pavel Rudnev

British Theatre Criticism: The End of the Road?
Aleks Sierz

Oncoming Traffic! — Theatre Criticism Online: The German Internet Platform
Esther Slevogt

Criticizing the End of Criticism: The Critical Genre and the Internet
Mihály Szilágyi-Gál

Mere Opinion and Considered Judgment: Amateur and Professional Criticism Today — Interview with Alisa Solomon
Andrea Tompa

Criticism 2.0: Benefits and Challenges of Theatre Criticism Web Sites
Russell T. Warne


Section Editor: Randy Gener

Editorial Comment
Randy Gener

« Comment obtenir une pièce à la fois réaliste et stylisée, c’est la question que je me pose chaque fois » — Interview with Suzie Bastien, Quebec Playwright from Canada
Randy Gener

« Parce que je ne voulais pas obéir à une dictature idéologique » — Entretien avec Shabman Tolouei, comédienne, auteure et metteure en scène iranienne
Irène Sadowska-Guillon

Rooting for Indie Theatre Wherever Indie Theatre Exists — Interview with Leonard Jacobs, U.S. Journalist, Critic and Founder of Clyde Fitch Report
Randy Gener

“A Space That Moves Beyond ‘Gallery’ or Even ‘Installation’ ” — Interview with Wingspace Theatrical Design (USA)
Randy Gener

“The Hub for the Next Generation of Morbidly-Gifted Asian American Talent” — Interview with Victor Maog, U.S. Director
Randy Gener

“Theatre Was at the Avant-Garde of Perestroika” — Interview with Valéry Shadrin, General Director of the Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Russia
Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

“To Capture Something Out of the Air”: Original Live Theatre in Los Angeles — Interview with Alicia Hoge Adams, U.S. Producer, Writer, Designer and Actress
Lissa Tyler Renaud

“We Grow Like Rings on a Tree—Outward, But Not Radically Changing Shape” — Interview with Christine Evans, U.S.-based, U.K.-Australian Playwright
Randy Gener


Section Editor: Ivan Medenica

Editorial Note
Ivan Medenica

The Seagull, directed by Oskaras Korsunovas
Maria Shevtsova

Dramaturgie et Postdramaturgie
Patrice Pavis

Conference Papers

Section Editor: Savas Patsalidis

Editorial: Battles are Lost but Not the War
Savas Patsalidis

The Role of the Critic in the Transmission and Creation of Theatre (Barbados)
Icil Philips

La vie, le sens et la parade (Quebec)
Michel Vaïs

Can Theatre Criticism, Hit by the Crisis of Printed Media, Respond to the Complex Artistic Expressions of Contemporary Theatre? (Sweden)
Theresa Bener

Audience Participation and the Theatre’s Role in the Age of Post-Postmodernity (Greece)
Savas Patsalidis

Performance Reviews

Section Editor: Matti Linnavuori

Editorial Note: Visits to a Festival near You
Matti Linnavuori

Decisive Chekhovian Encounters in Timişoara
Maria Zarnescu

Whistles and Shouts in Berlin
Isabella Rothberg

P’tite Souillure, comédie sacrée
Selim Lander

La Bolivie théâtrale entre table et plateau / Bolivian origins on the table and on the stage
Jean-Pierre Han and Matti Linnavuori

Labyrinth of Illusions in the City Beyond Boundaries
Akiko Tachiki

Cette barbarie qui nous guette
Irène Sadowska-Guillon

Nora as a Corporate Trophy
Mihail Baykov

Everything and the Kitchen Sink: The Divadlo Festival in Plzen, Czech Republic, September 2013
Ian Herbert

Book Reviews

Section Editor: Don Rubin

Shakespeare Beyond Doubt: Evidence, Argument, Controversy, edited by Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells, 284 pp. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press | Shakespeare Beyond Doubt? Exposing An Industry in Denial, edited by John M. Shahan and Alexander Waugh, 254 pp. Florida: Llumina Press
Don Rubin (Canada)

The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Directing, by Christopher Innes and Maria Shevtsova, 284 pp. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
J. Herbert Close (UK)

Albert Camus-Michel Vinaver : S’engager ? Correspondance (1946 – 1957), Édition établie, présentée et annotée par Simon Chemama, 170 pp. Paris: l’Arche, 2012
Irène Sadowska-Guillon (France)

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