Matti Linnavuori[1]


The Performance Reviews section contains more articles than ever before. I am, of course, pleased that there are so many, but even more pleased by the quality of the writing, and by the quality of the artists and performances discussed in these reviews.

The reviews cover established auteurs as well as younger theatre makers who deserve to be recognized outside their immediate geographical, linguistic or cultural environments. For names in both categories—auteur and young theatre maker—please consult the table of contents!

However, there are also performances in countries, cultures and continents which remain, for the time being, outside the attention of Critical Stages. Luckily this constitutes no problem whatsoever: simply submit your idea in January and proceed to write a contribution!

[1] Matti Linnavuori (born 1955) edits the Performance Reviews Section for Critical Stages. He is a free lance theatre critic for Finnish newspaper Satakunnan Kansa. He has also written and directed radio plays for YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company.

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