Table of Contents

Editorial | Éditorial
Yun-Cheol Kim

Special Topic: Censorship in Disguise

The Struggle for a Free Theatre | Or “Long Live Belarus”
Randy Gener

A Revolution Sells Its Children
Ivan Medenica

Expatriates in Their Own Country
Andrea Tompa


En quête d’une issue pour demain — Entretien avec Zinnie Harris
by Irène Sadowska-Guillon

“To Visualize the Invisible, the In-Between Space” — An Interview with the Macedonian Performance Artist Igor Josifov
by Randy Gener

“Art Always Gets Caught Between the Pages of History”: A Flemish Coincidence — Interview with Jan Lauwers
by Randy Gener

La scène de la régénération de soi — Entretien avec Arne Lygre
by Irène Sadowska-Guillon

A Director with Zeitgeist: Peking Opera Meets the Western Canon — Interview with Ma, Bao-Shan
by Lissa Tyler Renaud


Un théâtre de la geste logoclaste: Valère Novarina
Irène Sadowska-Guillon

Du temps humain: À propos de la place du spectateur face au théâtre du Teatro Meridional
Maria João Brilhante

La création théâtrale à la Havane: Espace de renouveau de la réflexion identitaire cubaine
Alvina Ruprecht

La première version de Caligula: du texte à la scène
Sophie Bastien

Muffled Voices: The Unsung Ballad. Post-colonial Indian Theatre – Intentions and Actual Practices
Ajay Joshi

The Grand Communicator: New Projects of Árpád Schilling and The Krétakör (2008-2011)
Tamás Jászay

The Pope as Playwright: Karol Wojtyla
Andrzej Żurowski

Conference Papers

Editorial: Conference Papers Section
Mark Brown

[Maribor Conference]

An Introduction to the Papers on Intercriticism, Given at the Conference in Maribor, Slovenia, October 20-21, 2010
Primož Jesenko

Quelques questions sur la place du critique dramatique contemporain
Jean-Pierre Han

New Criticism and Theatre: Transfigurations of Critical Judgment
Blaž Lukan

‘Inter-critic’ without a Conflict of Interest
Ivan Medenica

Intercriticism and the Myth of Critical Distance
Don Rubin

Two Degrees of Separation
Zuzana Uličianska

[Tbilisi Conference]

Goga and Goderdzi Waiting for Godot, or a Spectator of the Modern Theatre
David Bukhrikidze

Theatres-Audiences-Critics: Keeping Watch over Each Other
Liu Minghou

Performance Reviews

The End of One Road, the Beginning of Another: Xhosa Theatre in Cape Town
Rob Baum

Raspberry: Censorship Makes an Artist Grow
Lasha Chkhartishvili

Un échantillon de théâtre iranien
Jean-Pierre Han

Killbeth: Korean Shakespeare with Heung and Energy
Bangock Kim

Walking in the Air, Mr Vertigo: a Fantasy of (an Artist’s) Freedom by Kristian Smeds
Soila Lehtonen

Do the Georgians Want a War?
Matti Linnavuori

Zack: New Year and a New Relationship!
Mehrdad Rayani Makhsous

Leonce and Lena from Cluj: Finally, and Gently, It Makes Sense
Aglika Oltean

Musical Life Is Beautiful!
Maria Zărnescu

Who Kills Heiner Mueller? A Chinese Performance of Hamletmachine
Qingyan Zhang

Book Reviews

Directors/Directing: Conversations on Theatre By Maria Shevtsova and Christopher Innes (Canada)
Don Rubin

Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter By Antonia Fraser (Canada)
Patricia Keeney

In Search of Lost Space (În căutarea spaţiului pierdut) by Octavian Saiu (Romania)
Ion Bogdan Lefter

Un œil sur le bazar: Anthologie des écritures théâtrales turques Sous la direction de Dominique Dolmieu et Zeynap Su Kasapoglu (France)
Irène Sadowska-Guillon

Critics on Criticism

Criticism and Artist Engagement
Steve Capra

The Critic and the Drama: “Aesthetic Jurisprudence”
George Jean Nathan

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