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Editorial Note: Ever Changing Dancescapes
Note éditoriale : Paysages dansants toujours changeants
Savas Patsalidis, Editor-in-Chief

Special Topic

Extended Dance Territories
Guest Editors: Margareta Sörenson (Sweden), Steriani Tsintziloni (Greece)

Extended  Dance Territories – Guest Editors’ Note
Margareta Sörenson, Steriani Tsintziloni

“True Art Consists of Gaps”: Interview with Cristina Caprioli – the Golden Lion in Venezia Biennale de la Danza 2024
by Maina Arvas

Steve Paxton (1939-2024): Contact Improvisation for Generations
Hilde Rustad

Dialogue in Motion or Reading the Present from the Past: Interview with Maria Martha Gigena
by Halima Tahan Ferreyra

Bridging Cultural Divides Through the Art of Chinese Dance: Interview with Ma Jiaolong (马蛟龙) and Zhao Zhibo (赵知博)
Zhao Yang

Southern Dance Hall: Movement and Community in Post Pandemic Guangzhou, Southern China
Tiantian XIE

Visions and Gifts: Martha Graham, Memory and Practice
Kim Jones and Fen Kennedy

How African is Africa? Postnormality and Futures Assessment of Indigenous Dance Art in Nigeria
Princewill Chukwuma Abakporo, Stanley Timeyin Ohenhen, Stephen Ogheneruro Okpadah

Art Therapy in a Country at War: Ukraine’s Contemporary Dance Practices
Lyudmila Mova, Viktor Ruban, Hanna Veselovska

Towards a Poetics of Affectability: Dance in More-Than-Human Worlds
Jonas Schnor

Dancing with AI: Unveiling the Potentials and Pitfalls of ChatGPT for a New Wave of Dance Critics and Criticism
Deanne Kearney

Connecting and Disconnecting Bodies
Johannes Birringer

Commmunal Choreographies: Claiming the Embodied Public Sphere in Recent Climate Activism
Susanne Foellmer

Land/ing Dance—Of Hosting and Being Hosted: Guest Curating in Dance
Angela Conquet

La danse élargit ses territoires : Évolution de la danse contemporaine en France au XXI siècle
Jean Couturier

Staging Aging in Queer Style
Josephine Leask

Reaching Out for the Search Within: Sushant Gaurav Dances a Kathak of His Own
Ajay Joshi

Re-Thinking Autobiographical Choreo-Performance as a Window to Activism
Magda Barouta

Situating Choreographies of the Real in Elefsina: Mystery 59 U(R)TOPIAS Academy of Choreography: dance MyS+eries / Season 2
Maria Konomi

Sinikka Gripenberg: A Dance Life in Photos
Margareta Sörenson


Editor: Yana Meerzon (Canada)

The Silent Genocide and its Afterlives: Witnessing and Remembering Traumatic Histories in Rahul Varma’s State of Denial
Aamna Rashid

De la thysia Grecques aux créations d’Angélica Liddell : Une problématisation du sacrifice à partir de l’action théâtrale
Martina Tosticarelli

The New Wave of Belarus Drama
Natalia Skorokhod

Audience Involvement, Multiple Layering, and Resonances in Numbers Increase As We Count…
Ülfet Sevdi

“Where We Die Together in Real Time”: Staging Prosthetic Liveness in To Be a Machine (Version 1.0)
Huayu Yang

The Macro in the Micro: Using Theatre Festivals to Test the Temperature of the Industry
Dermot Daly

Choreography οf Life: Kristīne Brīniņa and Her Documentary Dance Method
Kitija Balcare 

Looking With “Fingeryeyes”: An Exploration of Material Touch in Sonja Jokiniemi’s Performances Blab and Howl
Lieze Roels

The Dance Movement of Bengal: Rabindranath and His Dance-Dramas
Nilanjana Bhattacharya

Inter/National Reflections

Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

Planning Europe’s Future Theatre
Savas Patsalidis

The Price of Water: Reflections on an Anthropological Play
Maria Kastrinou, Hannah Knoerk and Johannes Birringer

A Promising Restart: The “Mini” Showcase of Bulgaria’s National Theatre
Savas Patsalidis

The BeSeTo Festival is Back to Splendid Life in Shenzhen
Kalina Stefanova


Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

“Living” Beyond “Correctness”: Words, Enemies, and Media. Interview with Misaki Setoyama
By Tomoka Tsukamoto and Ted Motohashi

A Festival that Shape-shifted to Stay Alive: Interview with Mark Russell
By Stefanie Carp

Past and Present Meet Head-on: Interview with Christiane Jatahy
By Anna Stavrakopoulou

“Tools. No Rules.”: An Interview with Roberta Levitow
By Aikaterini Delikonstantinidou

Performance Reviews

Editor: Matti Linnavuori (Finland)

A Very Moving Hamlet
Patricia Keeney

Robert Wilson, Declan Donnnellan, Robert Lepage in a Nutshell
Yun-Cheol Kim

Incandescences d’Ahmed Madani – De la catharsis comique
Selim Lander

Albee Deconstructed: Robert Wilson’s Three Tall Women
Antonia Tsamouris

The Quest of Turkey’s Independent Theatres
Savas Patsalidis

More than (Classical) Dance
Penelope Chatzidimitriou

Sofi Oksanen on Russian Anti-Gay Practices
Matti Linnavuori

Once Upon a Time . . . Through a Glass Darkly
Soila Lehtonen

Of Balance, Oscillation and Feeling: A Twenty-first-century Circus Experience
Katharine Kavanagh

Book Reviews

Editor: Don Rubin (Canada)

Michel Tremblay: Plays in Scots (Two Vols.)
Mark Fisher

Theatre in a Post-Truth World: Text, Politics and Performance
Katayoun Salmasi

Le Sacrifice comme acte poétique
Selim Lander

The Great White Bard: How To Love Shakespeare While Talking About Race
Don Rubin

2024 Thalia Prize Ceremony

Editor: Critical Stages/Scènes critiques

The Thalia Prize: Erika Fischer-Lichte
Jeffrey Eric Jenkins

A Few Words About the Laureate’s Oeuvre
Ivan Medenica

Erika Fischer-Lichte and the Importance of Sacrifice
Savas Patsalidis

Let Theatre Happen, or How Erika Fischer-Lichte Continues to Inspire Us
Manabu Noda

Erika Fischer-Lichte’s oeuvre in China
Zhu Ning

In Memoriam

Editor: Critical Stages/Scènes critiques

Edward Bond: The Missed Voice of a True Socialist Writer
Elizabeth Sakellaridou

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