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Editorial Note: Transforming (Im)Possibilities to Realities
Note éditoriale : Transformer les (im)possibilités en réalités
Savas Patsalidis, Editor-in-Chief

Special Topic

On Theatre and Ecology at Critical Junctions

Guest Editors: Vicky Angelaki and Elizabeth Sakellaridou (Greece)

On Theatre and Ecology at Critical Junctions: Editors’ Introduction
Vicky Angelaki and Elizabeth Sakellaridou

Theatre, Ecology and the Secret Life of Naturalism
Andrew Burton

Hanging in Τhere—Theatre Under the Sal Trees
Asha Kuthari Chaudhuri

Human Achievements and Transgressions of the Natural Order in Greek Drama: The Literary Ancient Roots of a Real Current Crisis
Kaiti (Aikaterini) Diamantakou

The Kinnari Ecological Theatre Project in Southeast Asia
Catherine Diamond

Reassessing the Roles and Values of Art Documentation in the Context of Environmental Practice
Gabriella Giannachi

Gary Owen’s Iphigenia in Splott: The Anthropocene as Tragedy
Stef Kerrigan

Doppelgangster’s Everybody Loses: A Dramaturgy for Extinction
Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Tom Payne

Bodies of Corn, Maguey and Water: Performing Latin American Environmentalisms
Ana Martínez

Ecodramaturgy and the Genesis of the EMOS Ecodrama Festival
Theresa May

Rasa as an Ecologically Sustainable Aesthetic Theory
Erin B. Mee

“Mundane” Performance: Theatre Outdoors and Earthly Pleasures
Evelyn O’Malley, Cathy Turner, Giselle Garcia

Ecology and the Ethical Milieu: A Levinasian Ecological Reading of Joe White’s Mayfly
Martin Riedelsheimer

Global Networked Ecoscenography: Creating Sustainable Worlds for Theatre Through International Collaboration
Tessa Rixon, Ian Garrett, Tanja Beer

My Green Shakespeares
Maggie Rose

Sink or Swim: Performing the Iniquities of the Climate Crisis
Lara Stevens

Gender, Ecology, and Theatre of Catastrophe: The Apocalyptic Vision and the Deconstruction of Western Modernity in Satoshi Miyagi’s Demon Lake
Tomoka Tsukamoto, Ted Motohashi


Editor: Yana Meerzon (Canada)

Performing Solidarity: 50 Years of Jana Natya Manch
Aparna Mahiyaria

Marginalisation, pollution et migration dans la pièce À la périphérie de Sedef Ecer : défis et perspectives du questionnement écologique
Christina A. Oikonomopoulou

“I Keep Thinking My Way to Ness”: Emplacement(s) on the Anglian Coast
Milo Harries

Rapture: A Study in Pathos and Scenography
Anna Cordingley

Looking into the Ecological Footprints of Michail Marmarinos’s Trackers by Sophocles
Vicky Manteli

Wait Until Dark: Α Study on the Theme of Fear in Theatre
Tyrone Grima

The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace Dramaturgy
Katalin Trencsényi

Resituating the Writer’s Workshop: Collective Strategies for Playwriting Pedagogy
Karen Morash

2021 Space Olympics: Towards a Science Fiction Dramaturgy
Sanja Vodovnik

Walking Towards a Post-theatrical Experience: Online Mediation and Digital Immediacy in Pandemic Performance
Octavian Saiu

National Reports

Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

Digital Theatre Experiments in Latvia: The Case of Audio Productions
Ieva Rodiņa


Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

Climate Crisis Theatre by Youth for Adults: Interview with Kristina Watt Villegas
by Matthew Venner

Theatre Regenerates itself Constantly, and Even More so in Periods of Crises: Interview with Barbara Regondi
by Savas Patsalidis

“My job is to help create a process so that we can deliver the product as a team”:  Interview with Ken Cerniglia
by Steve Capra

Showing Without Going: Interview with Ant Hampton
Maria Ristani

Performance Reviews

Editor: Matti Linnavuori (Finland)

Canada’s Shaw Festival Has Become a Showcase for African-American Playwrights
Martin Morrow

The Horseman Rides On
Patricia Keeney

Symbolic Animals as Characters at Uzo-iyi Festival, Umuoji
Ngozi Udengwu and Ikechukwu Erojikwe

Erinnerung Redux : Méandre mémoriel du port et critique post-coloniale
John Yves Pinder

BITEF Provokes Issues on Ecology, Jobs, Women
Yun-Cheol Kim

Intimacy as Offering
Tina Perić

Alcestis’s Drying Rack, or How to Live your Myth in Greece
George Sampatakakis

Choral Democracy in Persians Re-read
Antonia Tsamouris

Ariane and Bluebeard: West Edge Opera’s Puzzle in a Dream
Lissa Tyler Renaud

A Greek Intermedial Hamlet Tortured by Memory
Gilda Tentorio

Comment se mettre dans la peau d’un Juif quand on est Arabe à Jérusalem ?
Selim Lander

FAME, un premier opus propice aux discussions
Caroline Châtelet

Hedda’s Hell
Andrew Friedman

No Experiments: Virgin Lab Fest Loses Steam
Katrina Stuart Santiago

Pilsen Remembers: A Mix of Dreams and Politics
Matti Linnavuori

Code Blue: The Politics of Melancholia
Paraskevi Tektonidou

Tartuffe as a Debate About Family and Society Today
Kamelia Nikolova

Book Reviews

Editor: Don Rubin (Canada)

The Schaubühne Berlin Under Thomas Ostermeier: Reinventing Realism
Ivan Medenica

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Ways of Approaching Shakespeare in Practice for Actors, Directors and Trainers
Don Rubin

Phèdre, D’Euripide à Racine, de Sénèque à Sarah Kane
Alba Simina Stanciu

A History of Romanian Theatre from Communism to Capitalism: Children of a Restless Time
Jozefina Komporaly

Antonin Artaud : Écrits sur le théâtre
Selim Lander


Editor: Critical Stages/Scènes critiques

CRIME AlwaysArmUkraine
Ester Bol

On the Rightlessness for Compassion or How to Redeem an Unredeemable Guilt
Yana Meerzon

Town Hall
Caridad Svich

Focus: Ukraine

Editor: Critical Stages/Scènes critiques

Living in the War: the Ukrainian Theatre Since the Russian Invasion
Hanna Veselovska

Invading Ukraine, Declaring War Against Russian Culture
Marina Davydova

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