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Editorial Note: The Tragedy of our Life and Our Refusal to Learn
Note éditoriale : La tragédie de notre vie et notre refus d’apprendre
Savas Patsalidis, Editor-in-Chief

Special Topic

Guest Editor: Sebastian X Samur (Canada)

Human-Technology Interfacing in Performance: Editor’s Introduction
Sebastian X Samur

A Simple Tool for Remote Real-Time Dance Interaction in Virtual Spaces, Or “Dancing in the Metaverse”
Dan Strutt

“But How Will They Know It’s Live?”: Anonymous Ensemble’s Digital Performances
Jessica Del Vecchio and Eamonn Farrell

Identification et performativité technologique dans Autour du Rose enfer des animaux
Thomas Langlois et Robert Faguy

Parascopic Media: Platformizing Performance with 3D, Dentistry, and Drag
Brendan McCauley

The Intermedial Kingdom of Bodies: A Narratological Analysis of the Live-Animated-Avatar Performance The Kingdom of Shadows
Maya Arad Yasur

Expanding Sound Design in Performing Arts
Kent Olofsson

Reflections on Place in Telematic Performances
Jörgen Dahlqvist

PLAYStrong–Engineering POETICstates:On Facilitating Mental Health through Bio-Signal Interfaces and Brechtian Learning Strategies
Antje Budde and Gustavo Sol

Reimagining Light, Technology and Spectatorship in Contemporary Theatre
Amy Chan and Natalie Cheung


Editor: Yana Meerzon (Canada)

“Speechless Complainer”: (Un)natural Violence in Dominic Walsh’s Titus Andronicus
Ilana Gilovich-Wave

Jelinek’s Sports Play as Satirical Polemic
Cyrus Lane

Public Spaces, Public Words: Towards the Making of a Pro-Localist Theatre in the Newham Plays
James Kenworth

Mi Cuerpo Mi Casa/My Body My House- Negotiating the Spaces of Home and the Body in Mexico and Galway Through Co-creation and Digital Performance
Maria Tivnan

Simone Weil: Performance Through Nothingness
Tyrone Grima

Elli Papakonstantinou: Oedipal Landscapes on the Digital and the Physical Stage
Lina Rosi

New Medium Theatre Experiments in Kolkata During COVID-19 Lockdowns
Hazael Gomes

Rebels and Revels: Exhibit Curation as Pedagogy in the Study of Theatre of the Middle East
Marjan Moosavi, Q-mars Haeri, Kelley Holley

National Reports

Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

Facing the Fire: Australian People, Places, and Crises in the Works of Campion Decent
Carla Rocavert

Prophecy or Cautionary Tales? Australian Climate Gothic Drama and Mutating Climate-Scapes
Linda Hassall

Iraqi Theatre: A Niche in an Ecologically Political Sane Milie
Majeed Mohammed Midhin and Suad Qahtan Hussein

What Will Be Left After Us? The Rise οf Ecotheatre in Latvia in Times of the Pandemic
Kitija Balcare

Autour de l’écologie de la langue : les obscénités sur la scène théâtrale
Irina Antonova

The Romanian Theatre of the Last Thirty Years or the Theatre of Paradigm Shift
Oana Borș

Critics on Criticism

Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

Rediscovering and Reinventing the Community
Andrea Porcheddu

The Cry of the Ear
Johannes Birringer


Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

Theatre for Humility Toward Otherness: Spirituality, Prayer and Hope: Interview with Satoshi Miyagi
by Tomoka Tsukamoto and Ted Motohashi

“We adapt to the changes unfolding in today’s world”: Interview with Sarantuya Sambuu
by Savas Patsalidis

“Now is the time for untold, suppressed stories to be heard”: Interview with Handan Salta
by Savas Patsalidis

Creole Time, Creative Time: Interview with Brazilian Artist Diego Araúja
by Daniele Avila Small and Lorenna Rocha

Cognition Theatre: Interview with Valters Sīlis
by Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča

Performance Reviews

Editor: Matti Linnavuori (Finland)

Transborder and Transdisciplinary Works in the Island State of Singapore
Pawit Mahasarinand

Being there in Person
Yun-Cheol Kim

The Anniversary of a Multicultural Outpost in Northern Romania
Maria Zărnescu

Directing von Horváth: Casimir and Caroline on the Romanian Stage
Zafiris Nikitas

Un G8 culturel à Gênes
Jean-Pierre Han

A Poetic Glass Menagerie Buried under the Ground
Grigorios Ioannidis

Avignon 2021 : Liddell, Vandalem, Guédon – Trois manières de faire du théâtre
Selim Lander

Finland Pursues Trendy Sexual Identities
Matti Linnavuori

Ottawa: a Subversive Cabaret of Identity Politics
Alvina Ruprecht

Invitation to Dimitri Papaioannou’s Cosmos of Make-Believe
Paraskevi Tektonidou

Book Reviews

Editor: Don Rubin (Canada)

The Theatre of Sa’dallah Wannous: A Critical Study of the Syrian Playwright and Public Intellectual
Jonathan H. Shannon

A History of East African Theatre: Vol. I: Horn of Africa
Don Rubin

Terzopoulos Tribute Delphi
Maria Ristani

Dramaturgy of Form: Performing Verse in Contemporary Theatre
Patricia Keeney

Affair of the Heart: British Theatre from 1992-2020
Chris Jones

Focus: Ukraine I

Editors: Critical Stages

Cultural Thaw in a Zone of War
Jeffrey Eric Jenkins

Contemporary “Suppliants” and the Loss of Tragic Sensibility
Savas Patsalidis

Belarus and Ukraine: No Longer Russia’s Hinterlands
John Freedman

“Art is not an escape; it is a statement of life.” Interview with Alex Borovenskiy
by Yana Meerzon

“Stalin died but not completely”: Dialogue with Artur Solomonov*
Yana Meerzon

Focus: Ukraine II

Guest Editor: Kasia Lech (Poland/England)

Ukraine Theatre: Pasts, Presents, and Futures
Kasia Lech

Theatre as a Ηumanitarian Mission: Ukraine`s Experience 2022
Maiia Harbuziuk

Anima Art for Peace from Kharkiv, the City of Freedom
Julia Bilińska

Історія України / Historia Ukrainy / History of Ukraine
Sofiia Onishchenko, Daria Bohdan, Vasylyna Martseniuk

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