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Special Topic

Guest Editors: Yun Cheol Kim (S. Korea) and Manabu Noda (Japan)

A Note from the Guest Editors
Manabu Noda and Yun Cheol Kim

Creating Dance with Elders, and How to See It: Company of Elders in the World Gold Theatre Festival
Katsuhiko Sakaguchi

Countering Ageism and Eugenics in Theatre
Akiko Tachiki

Age and Politics in Early American Drama
Zoe Detsi

Dance and Age
Margareta Sörenson

Insupportable vieillesse ?
Jean-Pierre Han

To Become Merged in the Sea . . . or On Old Women on Stage
Soila Lehtonen

Age on Stage
Nancy Westman

Reminiscence Drama in an Ageing World
Katerina Kosti

La vie des personnes âgées à l’époque néo-libérale
Jisoo Nam


Editor: Yana Meerzon (Canada)

Introductory Words
Yana Meerzon

City Narratives in European Performances of Crisis: The Examples of Athens and Nicosia
Avra Sidiropoulou

A Case Study of the Intercultural Production of Väike Jumalanna (The Little Goddess)
Izumi Ashizawa

The Drama(turgy) of Non-Belonging: Jeroen Coppens in Dialogue with Motus on Sharing Identity in Panorama
Jeroen Coppens and Motus

Seeking the Other: Staging the Paroxysms of Orientalism
Yana Meerzon

No Woman’s Land: Walking as a Dramaturgical Device in Performance of Maternal Migration
Rosie Garton and Ildikó Rippel

On Dramaturgy of Care and Encounter in the Theatres of Multilingualism: Interview with Ayham Majid Agha
Yana Meerzon

Movement through Language: A Reflection on the Use of Spoken Text in Dance Performances
Rosa Lambert

National Reports

Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

German Theatre: Interventions and Transformations
Azadeh Sharifi

Modern Scottish Theatre: Emerging from the Shadow of the Reformation
Mark Brown

Theatre in Malta: Amateur Practice and Professional Aspirations
Vicki Ann Cremona

Italian Theatre Today: Not a System, and so Many Transformations
Roberto Canziani

Theatre at the Crossroads: Trends and Challenges of Georgian Theatre Today
Natalia Tvaltchrelidze

Conference Papers

Editor: Ivan Medenica (Serbia)

Counterpublics Cause so Much Trouble: Oliver Frljić, Protest & Collectivity
Bryce Lease

Season of Discontent to “Seasons of Love”: Broadway Musicals in a Time of #MeToo
Jeffrey Eric Jenkins

Feigning Ignorance as a Way of Tolerating the Intolerable: Stage Scene in Japan 2017
Manabu Noda


Editor: Savas Patsalidis (Greece)

American Theatre Now: Interview with Carlos Morton
Katerina Delikonstantinidou

At the End of the Day, an Actor: Interview with Tiago Rodrigues
Rui Pina Coelho

Performance Reviews

Editor: Matti Linnavuori (Finland)

Let’s Start Love Over in Belgrade
Tina Perić

Dance in the Forest, an Example of Immersive Theatre
Manuel Garcia Martinez

Cotillion of Loss: Summoning August Wilson’s African American Century
Lissa Tyler Renaud

Jacinto Benavente relance la Commedia dell’arte au Canada
Alvina Ruprecht

Sankara, héros tragique
Selim Lander

Ariadne’s Stage Metamorphosis in Buenos Aires
Halima Tahan

Macbettu: Immersing in the “Hollow Crown”
Penelope Chatzidimitriou

Men Punish Women in Pilsen
Matti Linnavuori

All Puppets, Large and Small—in Québec and the Czech Republic
Mark Brown

Book Reviews

Editor: Don Rubin (Canada)

The Theatrical Career of Samuel Morgan Smith
Robin Breon

Queer Shakespeare: Desire and Sexuality
Sky Gilbert

The Fictional Lives of Shakespeare
Luke Prodromou

Contre le théâtre politique
Selim Lander

Critics on Criticism

Criticism on the Critical List: Just a Canadian Issue?
Robin Breon and Don Rubin

Critics should never say in writing what they cannot dare to say to the subject in person: Interview with Ian Herbert
Savas Patsalidis

“With age, I get more tolerant of failure”: Interview with Michael Billington
Mark Fisher

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