Drafted by Katerina Delikonstantinidou*


Since it was launched in 2009, Critical Stages/Scènes Critiques has become well-established as a genuinely inclusive webjournal; the range and diversity of its contributors and the breadth of its intellectual exploration and enquiry attest to that. The journal has an outward-facing, genuinely global vision of theatre and the performing arts, and that is reflected in the nature of the criticism it publishes and in its efforts to reach the widest possible international readership.

It is our aim to facilitate ever-greater dialogue and exchange, not only among theatre practitioners and theoreticians, but also, and perhaps most importantly, between theatre/performing arts professionals and the general public. The need for the latter encounter is made all the more important by the continuing transformation of traditional criticism due to the rapid evolution of new media technologies.

The only way for theatre/performing arts criticism to survive this turning point–and even prosper in this fast paced, dynamic environment–is to cultivate its adaptive capacities, so that it can be resilient in the face of change. What could be a better first step in this process of adaptation than learning about the new environment, our cyber ecosystem and its requirements?

Gathering information is, therefore, an integral part of the initial stages of this adaptation. We offer the following collection of links to “web venues,” which features serious and professional theatre research and theatre criticism, as a modest contribution to this process. We hope the collection will prove helpful to theatre and performing arts professionals, students and audience members in their interactions with each other, both in cyberspace and the real world. It goes without saying that this list is far from exhaustive and will be updated regularly. If you would like to recommend other websites for the list, please write to me (d.e.katia@hotmail.com).

Blogs and Review Websites
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Committees, Forums and Organizations


Theatre Critics Associations
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Web Journals and Magazines



*Katerina Delikonstantinidou is a PhD student in the School of English at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is assistant editor of the academic journal Gramma/Γράμμα: Journal of Theory and Criticism and member of the web team of Critical Stages: The IACT webjournal. Her research interests include Theatre and Performing Arts, Ancient myth and religion, Greek Tragedy, and Ethnic Studies.

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