Table of Contents

Editorial / Éditorial
Savas Patsalidis (editor-in-chief)

Commentary / Commentaire
Margareta Sörenson (President of IATC)

Interviews: Practitioners and Directors

Section Editor: Hervé Guay (Quebec)

The Dead and the Actor
Interview with Ricardo Bartis by Halima Tahan Ferreyra

Moving between Worlds
Interview with Mónica Calle by Ana Pais

Un théâtre documenté pour repenser le réel
Entretien avec Françoise Bloch Propos recueillis par Karolina Svobodova

Combining Playfulness and Artistry into the Essence of Theatre
Interview with Sun-woong Koh by Soon-ja Hur

“It is very important to connect ourselves to a network of universal values without sacrificing our identity.”
Interview with Tompa Gábor by Ludmila Patlanjoglu

Passion and Relentless Curiosity
Interview with Willie White, Artistic Director of Dublin Theatre Festival by Ciara O’Dow

The Shaw Festival and the New Canadian Canon
Interview with Jackie Maxwell by Karen Fricker

Special Topic: The New Generation of Playwrights

Section Editor: Manabu Noda (Japan)

Argentina – Introduction: Dramas from the Confines of the World
Halima Tahan Ferreyra

Maharashtra, India – New Generation of Playwrights in the Marathi Theatre
Madhav Vaze

Nigeria – From Page to Stage: Influences and Challenges Shaping the New Generation of Nigerian Playwrights*
Emmanuel S. Dandaura

France – Une nouvelle génération d’auteurs de théâtre en France
Jean-Pierre Han

Espagne – Nouvelles dramaturgies espagnoles: Les scènes d’un monde éclaté
Irène Sadowska-Guillon

Le Québec, Canada – S’adresser au spectateur actuel: Trois auteurs québécois dans la trentaine
Sara Thibault

La Caraïbe francophone / créolophone – Nouvelle génération: Trois dramaturges de la Caraïbe francophone / créolophone
Alvina Ruprecht

Essays: Contemporary Reflections on Morality and Death

Section Editor: Ivan Medenica (Serbia)

Lars Norén and the Contemporary Me
Margareta Sörenson

From Heiner Müller’s Death in Berlin to Christoph Schlingensief’s “Death” in Venice: Metaphors and Spectacles of Illness on the Occasion of a Nobel Prize
Vinia Dakari

Conference Papers: The Present Day Problematics and Challenges of Theatre Criticism/Reviewing

Section Guest Editor: Deepa Punjani (India)

The Changing Scenario: Transitions in 21st Century Theatre in Kerala
Renu Ramanath

La critique professionnelle à l’heure d’Internet
Jean-Pierre Han

Three Times Transition
Margareta Sörenson

Une critique en cascade
Stéphane Gilbart

Who Speaks for Theatre in the Digital Age? (We Should!)
Brad Hathaway

Performance Reviews: Around the World in Eight Reviews

Section Editor: Matti Linnavuori (Finland)

Hovering between Tradition and Experiment
Grigorios Ioannidis

CERN Kicks Bertolt Brecht to Life
Lamice El-Amari

Jaram Lee Updates Brecht in Cluj
Matti Linnavuori

Why Go to Adelaide
Malcolm Page

Beijing’s Bright Cherry Orchard
Lissa Tyler Renaud

Écritures théâtrales en Martinique
Selim Lander

Quand Les Justes de Camus renvoient au terrorisme de l’ETA
Irène Sadowska-Guillon

Shakespeare for All
Maria Zărnescu

Book Reviews

Section Editor: Don Rubin (Canada)

Howard Barker’s Art of Theatre: Essays on his plays, poetry and production work
Edited by David Ian Rabey and Sarah Goldingay 272 pp. Manchester: Manchester University Press Reviewed by Dominic Cavendish

Dramatic and Post-dramatic Theatre: Ten Years After
Ivan Medenica, editor 150 pp. Belgrade: Institute of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television Faculty of Dramatic Arts Reviewed by Katerina Delikonstantinidou

The Kwagh-Hir Theater: A Weapon for Social Action
By Iyorwuese Hagher 256 pp. Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America Reviewed by Don Rubin

Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh
A Biography by John Lahr 765 pp. New York: Norton and Company Reviewed by Patricia Keeney

Performed Imaginaries
By Richard Schechner 196 pp. London and New York: Routledge Reviewed by Don Rubin

Critics on Criticism

Theatre Criticism and Digital Poetics (A Case Study)
Diana Damian Martin

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